Mole DJ Thursbinator2

DJ Thursbinator at his turntables.

This guy is rad, its unreal. He used to just sit there, reading off powerpoints and shouting at people, but now he's a DJ in charge of an army of Mole Men who wont hesitate to boogie on down to any groovy tunage.

Mole, groove factor five, Yeah!


(Note: All of these are quotes taken from his actual DJ performances)

  • "Allow us to raise the roof of this fine establishment!"
  • "Put your hands in the air, and wave them like you lack the capacity to care!"
  • "This is one swingin' Party, Yo! Let us Boogie until the Sunrise makes us realise how late we've stayed up!"
  • "This next one is for all you lovers of 'music', I call it, 'music'!"