One of the Idiotic 'Pro Choppa Gangstas'

Da Brute Choppa Gangstaz are a gang of idiotic Brutes that Tartarus put together to combat Da Elite Biker Boyz after the start of the Covenant Civil War. They were based off the idea of Tartarus's great great great great great Granddaddy Brute, known only as Chunkius the Chef-tain, who first formulated the idea of putting failure Brutes into failure vehicles to make a failure squad of failures.


A Choppa Gangsta Squadron. Note the idiocy of all of them.

The Choppa Gangstaz originally had no Choppas to use, so they had to steal Grunty Urinals and drive those around. The stench of Grunt Wee eventually turned the drivers insane and these formed some of Tartarus's Brutant Buddies. The Gangstaz continued to operate even after Tartarus's death, driving around in their crappy vehicles making fools of themselves, and dying a lot. A LOT.

Around the time of the Covenant invasion of Earth, Da Brutes had magically been able to whip up a flotilla of strange contraptions known as Choppas (named after the group) and Prowlers (which were about as stealthy as a Model-T on a pothole infested Welsh country road).

Usze Taham, Arby and Johnny killed many Gangstaz during their missions, but N'tho Sraom hates them the most. He sees it as an insult to Da Elite Biker Boyz that these Brutes think they're so cool. "What a bunch of failures!" he says when he sees them, and it never takes long for him to reduce the Choppas to scrap metal and the Gangstaz to mincemeat. By the end of the Covenant Civil War, there was enough fried Brute flesh to feed a small continent, and the Brute Choppa Gangstaz were no more.

Rumour has it that R'tas Brand Toilets and Urinals Inc. are making a special limited edition Rtas Brand Fuzzy Bog Deluxe using the skins of these idiots.

Scary brute chieftain

Chunkius, who first formulated the idea of the Gangstaz. Its amazing he could even have ideas at all, what with him being a Brute and all...

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