Drone Party 2

Da Drone Hip Hop Beasties during one of their gigs

Da Drone Hip Hop Beasties are a band composed of three Drones who play gigs in all the cantinas and speakeasies of High Charity. After High Charity's destruction they migrated to Earth where they continue to perform gigs for the Covenant forces stationed there.

During the attack on Earth conducted by the Flood, the band escaped through the Portal to the Ark and flew all the way to the top of the Citadel at the center of the Ark. From there, they were able to transmit their music directly into the Speakers of High Charity. Apparently, a strange time-travel incident occured in which the entire contents of their albums were wiped and their music was transmitted back in time to the Battle of Reach, where it continued to play up until the death of the Didact, meaning that the Human-Covenant War had a constant soundtrack.

Aside from this, Da Drone Hip Hop Beasties did very little actual fighting. They were highly independent for simple worker Drones, and some suggested that they were the product of a strangely adapted batch of Drones that were born on High Charity.

Da Drone Hip Hop Beasties later went on to sweep the League with their Hip Hop style, which many League members adore (for some reason). Moving away from the techno-orchestral style that they used to play on High Charity, they fully embraced their Hip-Hoppiness and outdid their nearest rival, the Beetles, on no less than 15 seperate amp-to-amp battle of the bugbands concerts.

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