Da Elite Biker Boyz 'Hanging Out'

Da E1337 Biker Boyz, aka Da Elite Biker Boys are a 'gang' started up by Shitmaster and his SpecOps Elites during their time off. Da Elite Biker Boyz ride bikes throughout High Charity to symbolise their awesomeness. Each and every Elite is picked for their supreme skill, strength, cunning and coolness.

N'tho Sraom is rumoured to be a member, but other then him, none of the other members are known (apart from Shitmaster, the leader). Da E1337 Biker Boyz were temporarily joined by the Arbiter during a mission to kill some Pretzel Worshippers, and the combined forces of the Boyz and the Arbiter (plus a contingent of Super-Skilled SpecOps Grunts) utterly destroyed the Heretics, their Sentinel allies and the Flood during the Threshold Gas Mine Incident.

E1337 Biker Boy

One of the E1337 Biker Boyz, armed with a $wag Rifle

Next on the list of 'Things to Rekt' was a full-frontal attack on the Sentinel Wall. Following the death of the Prophet of Regret, Truth assigned Brutes to assault the wall but they were overwhelmed by the native Sentinel forces and destroyed. Tartarus then dropped Arbiter into a landing pad at the front of the wall and he dropped the shields, allowing the full force of the Boyz to be unleashed into the facility. There were few, if any, Sentinel survivors - despite the fact that the Boyz didn't even have their Bikes.

However, they were soon reunited with their Bikes thanks to Shitmaster who gave an empowering speech, then left. With a Spectre and an army of Biker Boyz, the Arbiter pushed forward into the Library and destroyed all the Flood forces that stood in the path of the E1337 ones.


Da E1337 Biker Boyz deploy

Following this, the Covenant Civil War broke out when the Brutes betrayed the Elites. Despite many Minor Elites falling to the Brutes due to the cowardly nature of their betrayal, the Biker Boyz were able to hold their own and mount a defence against the Brute traitors. Arbiter found himself near the Control Room of Delta Halo where a lone member of the Biker Boyz led several other Elites into battle against the Brutes. Following this, Shitmaster took full control of the Elites and amassed their forces over Delta Halo, assigning Biker Boyz members to train less able Elites so that they too could share in the awesomeness, eventually killing Tartarus.

It was here that the Boyz came Full Circle - having been created as a secret society of Elite members, they had now come to lead the charge against the Brutes in defence of their race and shared their power with their brothers in arms - thus ensuring victory for the Elites against the Brutes in the resulting Elite-Brute War.

Known Members:

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