Volcanic Planet

What Daaaaaadum looked like before being refitted into a bomb.

Name: Daaaaaaaadum

Location: The Beta System

Climate: Hot, Radioactive, Low Gravity

Atmosphere: None, faint traces of Uranium and Plutonium Gas

Technical Name: Beta-Twenty

Native Species:
The Prowlers

This Desolate rock is home to the Prowlers, a proud and warlike race. The harsh environment of the planet taught the Prowlers survival, and they excel in movement and resistance to heat as a result. However, the planets finest hour was it's use as a weapon in the Great Galactic Credit Crunch, during the Battle of Economyington, in which the Prowlers used a Gravitational Slingshot to launch their planet into the orbit of their enemy's, the Money Spiders, homeworld of Economyington. The two planets collided and merged into a huge radioactive heap, only to be destroyed by the resulting black hole. Unfortunatly for the Prowlers, thanks to a suprise attack by the Money Spiders during the process, evacuation transports were destroyed and many members of the species perished in the mission. However, the attack also decimated the Money Spiders as well.

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