We think Yoda was the only intelligent life on Dagobah, but we can't be sure...

Dagobah is a planet in the Dagobah system. For a long time it was home to Jedi Master Yoda, and he had a little hut there, and it was all tiny because he was so small. Luke Skywalker visited Dagobah to train with Yoda. Dagobah is swampy and filled with gnarled trees, bats, and suspicious sea monsters that hate the taste of little droids. When Luke goes to train with Yoda, he learns forcey stuff and how to balance rocks. He does cool flips with Yoda perched on his back, and then goes into a scary cave that shows him a vision of him killing his Dad and then seeing his face inside his Dad. That would sound so weird to any non-Jedi.

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