Dalek Dry Cleaners! (Imagine an awesome jingle.)

Dalek Dry-Cleaning is a fast, cheap, and easy way to dry-clean your evil clothes! (Must be evil or you will be exterminated on sight.) It is run by a team of hygiene freak Daleks, (Squad No. 7) and it costs about 50p per item (or 2 planets if you are a wealthy overlord.) The number seven on the logo represents the number of the Dalek squad group positioned in that area.


Poor, poor Davros...

is actually doing quite well in business terms, and has been going since the dawn of the Daleks. There is a deal going on at the moment, half price for every pair of pants. We only know this because there is a sign up saying it in the League. Davros cries whenever he goes past that sign...

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