Dalek rabe

Dalek Rabe in action

Dalek Rabe, nicknamed Dalek Rave by his pals, was an original member of the Cult of Skaro before his death. He is one of the only Daleks to have ever been given a name, and the only Cult of Skaro member to be killed before the Dalek-Cyberman War.
Dead dalek

Dalek Rabe after the accident, barely alive

He was recruited as one of the first four Cult members along with Dalek Sec, Dalek Caan and Dalek Thay. Dalek Rabe was second in command of the Cult and was commissioned by Sec to guard a device that the Cult had been sent to secure from a League scouting vessel. The device, in short, was a damaged Forerunner Slipspace drive, and as Dalek Rabe was guarding it he became curious as to its function. When he activated it, it teleported half of his casing and some of the surrounding ship to oblivion, which rendered Rabe unconcious and without power.

The disaster alerted a nearby League enforcement vessel that boarded the ship and killed all the other Daleks aboard. They recovered the bodies of the original crew and, after discovering Rabe in the ship, they abandoned it and set it to self-desruct if anything went near it. When the rest of the Cult returned to pick Rabe up, the ship blew up and killed Rabe.

Rabe was replaced by Dalek Caan as second in command of the Cult of Skaro after his death, and his place in the Cult was filled by Dalek Jast.

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