The Dalek Rangers in formation, with Camp Leader Guy at the front

The Dalek Rangers are a group of crazy Daleks that were part of the Parliament of the Daleks. Emperor Wassabe I, Destroyer of all that is Good wrote a biased report on these Daleks and claimed that all Daleks looked like this. It turned out that they didn't, and only 10% of all Daleks look like this. At first they seemed to be utterly indestructible and unbeatable, and the League was quite eager to incorporate them into their ranks, however it soon emerged that these Daleks were in fact just pathetic freaks who wanted to be like the Dalek Supremes of old by dressing up in utterly ridiculous casings and prancing around in a disused matchstick factory.

They were all destroyed during the Dalek's second war with the Cybermen, which they lost disastrously. Since then, they have secured thier place in Dalek history as the most pathetic bunch of failures to ever show their faces in public, with the majority of their troops being destroyed by even the weakest Cybermen, and Big Camp Leader Guy himself being bombed by a Cyb-uicide unit and issuing his last command: 'Get my Mummy!' before exploding in a ball of white hot fire.

Since then, the Dalek-Cybermen Alliance has ruled that no more Dalek Rangers should ever be created, to restore the purity and the supremecy of the Dalek race. Likewise, a price has been put on Emperor Wassabe's Head that prevents him from going anywhere near League space.

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