Doctor-who-victory-of-the-daleks tea-dalek

Dalek Teatime serving Tea.

Dalek Teatime was a Dalek who fell through Time during the Time War and landed in Second World War Britain. Realising there was no alternative, he got into the tea-making business and worked for Winston Churchill, apparently. He forgot his primary Dalek directive and made a living making tea for eveyone. He disappeared during a Nazi Air Raid, and rumour has it that he now travels the Galaxy making tea wherever he goes. How nice.

Winston churchill 2 finger salute

Bugger off, I've already got a tea-maker

Winston Churchill showed his gratitude for the tea-making servies of Dalek Teatime by remembering his viligance and the fact that he would always find him making tea wherever he went. 'We would find him on the beaches, we would find him on the landing grounds, we would find him in the fields, and in the streets. Always making tea. Tea, anyone?' He later adapted this eulogy for use against the Nazis in one of his speeches.

Unlike other Daleks, Teatime modified his own casing to suit his needs. He repainted himself a khaki-green and covered his lights to better camoflague himself from Nazis. He also wore ammo pouches around his midriff and a Union Jack under his eyestalk, differentiating him from other Daleks.


Dalek Teatime emerges...

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