Gaylek sec
Dalek hybrid
There is no likeness. One is a Dalek Wannabe, one is a Dalek Hybrid. Guess WHOOOOOOO!

After the Dalek Sec crisis, several other Daleks wanted to follow in his footsteps and become more Human. This particular Dalek was an admirer of Sec and his philosophy

<-- Dalek Wannabe                               Dalek Sec-->

It is interesting to note that, despite the Dalek philosophy of genetic purity above all else, many Daleks felt the same as Sec - that they were no longer supreme and needed to adapt to survive, that their stubborn attitude towards their own inflated ego would eventually destroy them. Despite being powerful, the Daleks were not invicible, and they would feel the sting of many wars with other races in the Galaxy that would devastate thousands of Dalek fleets - The Second Galactic War, the Time War, the League Civil War and the Dalek Civil War all saw the Daleks either stalemated or defeated by opposing forces, a feat which they had previously thought impossible. It has been suggested that it is this revalation that eventually culminated in the establishment of the Parliament of the Daleks and the 'softening' of the Dalek race as a whole.

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