They're on Dantooine!

Dantooine is a planet in the Force Galaxy which was home to one of the many Jedi Enclaves used during the Rise of Trask Ulgo. Dantooine is a lush planet filled with farmland and lakes, with no real differing topographical features other than plains and rivers.

The Jedi Enclave in its prime

Rarth Devan visited the planet during his Jedi Training, and the Jedi Masters located there expressed their concern at him becoming a Jedi (what with the fact that there is no way that he was once Darth Revan or anything) but eventually Rarth was given permission to train there. The planet was later attacked by Darth Malak but luckily the Jedi managed to escape, but their Enclave was destroyed.

During the Galactic Civil War, Dantooine went largely unnoticed as there were no bases located there. However, several Jedi were sent to train at the old Enclave, ruined but not forgotten.

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