The Dark Space, a lifeless void of nothingness

Dark Space is the Space that exists between Galaxies, and is also known as Hell. Not to be confused with the Void, which is the space between dimensions, the Dark Space is simply a space with no suns or life, with the only beings that can live there being Reapers, Daleks and other such nefarious creatures. Drifing through the Dark Space are husked planets, long since devoid of life, random asteroids, the wrecks of lost spaceships and dead comets. The blistering cold causes instant death to almost all creatures, whether they have a ship or not. There really is no place closer to hell, unless of course you count the Void itself. The Dark Space is apparently also the home of Anarkhos, outcasted God of the Panthon of the League, who feasts upon whatever life forms are foolish enough to cross him. He sucks the life out of the Dark Space meaning almost nothing can live here.

During the League Civil War, a great Battle was said to take place here.

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