Darth Cryer, also known as Darth Traya, Kreia, Treia, Kraya, Kryer, Crya, Creia, or whatever, is one of the bitchiest, moaniest, most annoying people ever to walk the universe.She constantly rants at her charges at the Circus, especially her pupil. Every single decision is bad apparently. Example:

Beggar : Please sir, spare 5 credits... I'm a poor refugee sir, I've got nothing...

Guy : Sure, here's 5 credits, not like I need it anyway.

Cryer : Why did you do that?

Guy : What?

Cryer : Helping him will only make him weaker while making you stronger, that was a selfish decision on your behalf.

Guy : Whatever, I'll just shoo him away next time...

Cryer : Good...

5 Mins later

Beggar : Please sir, I need 5 credits, I've got nothing...

Guy : Go away, I'm not giving you anything

Beggar : But sir...

Guy : Go away!

Beggar : <Runs away>

Cryer : Why did you do that?

Guy : What!?

Cryer : Letting your feelings show over such a small matter, petty.

Guy : But last time you said...

Cryer : You have much to learn...

Guy : *Sigh*

Darth Cryer is believed to be, or at least related to, a Quarian becuase they are the only race that is known to exhibit whinging and bitching to the same degree.