One of the Dazzling Duo in action

The Dazzling Duo are two asian warriors from the land of... well... Asia.

They are master fighters, and are the only ones that can battle the Virus hosts. They are Shirazzle Dazzle's protectors and they are devoted to him, as he is to them.

They have fought many battles in the War on the Maths Mafia, including the First Battle of Minas Music and the Second Battle of Minas Music. They are such awesome fighters that no-one in the League dare oppose them. 

The Virus has been constantly defeated in battle because it's so pathetic. In fact, The Dazzling Duo have asked for a raise from Shirazzle, and he had to accept because he'd be killed if he dare refused. Despite their aggressive tendencies towards him, the Dazzling Duo are devoted to Shirazzle. In fairness, they would rather die themselves than see him dead. How sweet. 

Despite this, Bitch Machine was still able to somehow worm her way between the Duo in an attempt to get to Shirazzle, but her efforts were unsuccessful and she was eventually outcasted. The Duo also took part in the Clique Civil War, in which they (obviously) sided with Shirazzle.

Members of the Duo Edit

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