Who couldn't love that face?

Dick-Dact in full form. Everyone knows him, we've seen him in our NIGHTMARES!

A failed clone of the Didact, DickDact was created by Jul Mdama in an attempt to trick the Storm Covenant into thinking that the Didact had not died. However, the primative Covenant cloning technology coupled with the lack of Forerunner DNA resulted in a twisted creation, nothing like the Didact that had ruled over Requiem.

After his creation, he immidietly fled the planet, escaping to a far-reaching outpost of the League where he quietly began rebuilding his damaged DNA strands in an attempt to stay alive. He also used his DNA to create unstable Prometheans who, after running feral for years, were eventually trained to aid the DickDact. After finally stabilising his DNA, DickDact proclaimed himself King of the Forerunners before ascending to lordship of the Forerunner Empire. Little did he know that the Failurunners did not actually have an Empire and all he had left to own was Requiem, which was destroyed by Jul Mdama six months after the death of the original Didact. Enraged, DickDact swore to destroy Jul Mdama, and pursued him for years before catching up with him and Catherine Halsey over Sanghelios. After a brief duel, Jul decapitated DickDact and tossed his body into the pit of death, to be devoured by giant slugs.

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