The Pudbar, one of the many creations of Drez

Drez Bro Dude A (pronounced Drez-Bro-Dude-Are) is the creator of the music known as D'Ethic, and one of the many arch-nemesises of Emewafwawa. She is rumoured to also be a member of the Anti-Virus Gang.

Drez, despite her questionable sanity, has been the creator of many successful products throughout the Galaxies. For example, the leading brand 'Pudbar', the pudding in a bar, and the succesful Whal Attack series of Games, that as of now are uncompleteable, meaning they sell three million copies a minute.

Drez's musical creation, D'Ethic, is a dischordal mess of sounds that fit together to make awesome music, but the fact that it works as music despite the fact that it goes against typical musical values makes entities like Emewafwawa and Virtuoso squel and flee, and it cancels out MVE, making their armies useless as they are reverted back to simple musical instruments.

However, Virtuoso, Emewafwawa and Drez are caught in a perpetual three-way battle since D'Ethic hurts both entities, but both entities still hate each other too much to team up against D'Ethic.

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