Come at me bro.

Dumbledore is like Gandalf's long lost brother. He is a master Magician and he can also read minds. He knoooows... what you're thiiiinkiiiing...

Anyway, Dumbledore was an awesome wizard who kicked the nose off Lord Voldy-Mort (metaphorically of course, Voldy-Mort has no nose...). He is seen as a bit eccentric, and he is also quite insane and humourous. He doesn't really know how to run a school. However, he is a brilliant warrior who led the first war against Voldy-Mort and killed many of his followers. However, Dumbledore himself was killed by his right hand man, Snape, which made everyone a bit upset.

However, this all turned out to be part of his master plan to finally kill Lord Voldy-Mort, and it succeeds, thankfully, an Lord Voldemort flakes away into fishfood after Harry Potter kills him.

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