At least its not a forest moon

Eayn is a Moon orbiting a planet that is smaller than it. In fact, it is popular belief that Eayn itself is actually a planet and the planet it orbits is the moon. Silly.

The Jackals are native to this pla... er, Moon. They lived here for millions of years before their discovery by the Covenant around 1300 PLF. They saw a great business oppurtunity in joining the Covenant and use its expansive fleet as a method of smuggling, piracy and swashbuckling action.

The planet was nearly destroyed during the Covenant Civil War, as the Brutes threatened to glass the planet if the Jackals did not join their side. Faced with no other option, the Jackals had to remain loyal to the Brutes. When the Elites liberated Eayn they also considered glassing the planet but relented when they realsied they would have no thanksgiving turkeys if all the Jackals died.

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