Ebon Hawk

What a piece of Junk!

The Ebon Hawk is a ship owned by Rarth Devan and his successor. It is very like another famous ship from its Galaxy, the Millenium Falcon, but thats just a coincidence. For a start, the Ebon Hawk was made over five thousand years before the Millenium Falcon, so theres no way they can be in any way similar.

The Ebon Hawk has a turret mounted on the top and bottom, it is not symmetrical, it has a hyperdrive, (see where we're going here?) so it is similar to the Falcon indeed. It was used by Rarth and his travelling freak show as a mobile base of operations in their campaign to destroy the Star Forge during the Rise of Trask Ulgo, and then later used by the Guy as a mobile base of operations for hisn travelling freak show in their campaign to finally put a bullet in Darth Cryer's head.

From that perspective, the ship also has a resemblence to yet another travelling freak show.

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