A picture of Economyington before it was converted into a war machine.

Name - Economyington

Location: The Lambda System

Climate- Hot, Dry

Atmosphere - Nitrogen, Methane, Hydrogen

Technical Name: Lambda-Eight

Native Species -

  • Economytington Animals, Notably the venomous Tarantulollar


Economyington was the homeworld of the Money Spiders, the greatest bankers in the entire universe. But when the new Bankington government took over, they began hoarding all of the galaxy's wealth until one day, when the economic depression reached a peak, the warlike race known as the Prowlers attacked Economyington. The war ravaged the planet but the Money Spiders had hollowed out the core, and began hiding themselves away in their bank vaults. In response, the Prowlers knew that the only way to defeat the Money Spiders and restore wealth to the galaxy was to destroy their planet. Since the Prowlers were not technologically advanced, they had no way of obliterating the planet. Instead, they moved their own environmentally unstable homeworld into orbit of Economyington, in what became known as the Battle of Economyington. Realising their fate, the Money Spiders attacked The Prowlers but they were too late. The two planets collided and were melded together into a huge mass of radioactively unstable rock. The Money Spiders cowardly suprise attack on civilians meant that very few Prowlers made it off planet in time, and many were killed. But their sacrifice effectively reset the Galactic Economy, and marked one of the many wars that the Galactic Council (the leading body of that sector of the Galaxy at that time) were unable to control or prevent, and events like this eventually culminated in the Galactic Council-Reachite War and the downfall of the Galactic Council.

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