-Forerunner Ship2

The Forerunner 'Ship' in High Charity

The Eiffel Tower is a monument in Paris, France that was abducted by the Covenant and used as a power source for their city, High Charity. Either that or the power source is a Forerunner Dreadnought with no weapons or engines but, seriously, the Forerunners can't be that stupid... can they?

This ship was Prophet of Truth's favourite ship until it disappeared after it flew through the Portal to the Ark. Lord Hood couldn't destroy it, but apparently Shitmaster could.

This ship was also the home of a fragment of a deranged Forerunner AI called Mendicant Bias, however this fragment spoke in French so the Prophets couldn't understand a word he was saying and assumed he was spouting nonsense about the Holy Godly Halo Ring Transendence when in actual fact he was raging and telling them to get him out of there.

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