Elrond in his disguise, aka 'The Elf King'

'Elf King and the Erlkonigs' is a band that operated in Middle Earth at around the same time as the Sarumen, and were their main competitors and occasionally allies. The Elf King was the stage name of Elrond, High King of Rivendell, who dressed up in face paints and glitter and performed live on stage with his Erlkonigs, who were actually Lady Galadriel and Celeborn in disguise.

Elrond played lead guitar and sang most of the male melodies, Galadriel played drums but also sang the female melodies, and Celeborn played bass and triangle, plus any other instruments he could fit into his carriage. After Celeborn's death during the War of the Ring, the band recruited Legolas instead, who then sang the female melodies alongside Galadriel.

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