Elite dude

A typical Elite

Elites are the warrior caste of the Covenant and are above-average in intelligence, or at least they are intelligent enough to see through the Prophets lies after a few thousand years of doing everything they say. They are well-armed and have advanced technology. They waged war against Humans for many years until the Prophets betrayed them and replaced them with Brutes for no particular reason. This, combined with the knowledge of the true purpose of the Halo Array gleaned from the Arbiter, eventually led to the Elites joining the Humans in the war against the Brutes and they formed a splinter faction of the Covenant called the Seperatists.

The Elites live on Sanghelios, a relatively nice planet to live on, if you happen to be a four-lipped bipedal lizard who loves battle and hates all forms of life.

20110121140342!Reach elite minor render

An Elite Minor, the basic footsoldier Elite

Some Elites, like Thel'Vadam, were really good fighters. Then there were some others. Some of the following clips display how idiotic some Elites really were. Not only that, they also lost the fight despite having some 10x number advantage. Oh, and a giant 8-foot dinosaur gets killed by your run-of-the-mill Human. These videos are a true embarassment for Elites everywhere and I'm sure they won't want you to ever see it.

Their belief that jumping around with a power sword shouting "WORT WORT WORT!" is the pinnacle of tactical brilliance has caused many to question exactly why they are known as 'Elites'.

Some say that the reason for the Covenant Zealot's idiocy when it comes to warfare is that their religion is so amazingly stupid and weak that they want to die to escape the living hell that they endure every day. They had to wear PINK armour on Reach, for god's sake. But still, the average Elites are decent fighters which is why the Zealot rank was eliminated when the Elites broke from the Covenant. It is clear in the subsequent Elite-Brute War that the Elites are clearly the dominant race of the two.

Aside from their idiotic decision to join the Covenant, the Elites are a smart and strong race that are well-respected in the League. Not only that, but they are a leading race in the League Military.

  • An Elite Zealot roars in a courtyard
  • A Heretic Elite with an Energy Sword
  • An Elite Major takes cover
  • An Elite Honor Guard stands his ground
  • An Elite Ultra with specialised armour
  • N'tho Sraom, a famous Elite WarriorGo to N'tho Sraom
  • Usze Taham, a superior MarksmanGo to Usze Taham
  • Elites in Combat
  • An Elite Commando in battle
  • The religiously-devout Ascetics, having abandoned their religious hatred of the Humans, joined them near the end of the war

Notable Elites

Youtube Clips

Halo Wars Spartans Vs Elites Cutscene (Spoiler)-003:02

Halo Wars Spartans Vs Elites Cutscene (Spoiler)-0

Some Elites get utterly annihilated by Spartans

Halo 2 Cutscenes - "07 - A Whisper in the Storm"-105:42

Halo 2 Cutscenes - "07 - A Whisper in the Storm"-1

Thel Vadam becomes the Arbiter

Halo 3 The Ark cutscene02:11

Halo 3 The Ark cutscene

The Elite fleet utterly destroys the Brutes

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