Emewafwawa's Contraption Trap

The Contraption Trap in action

On rare occasions when the planets line up, the Emewafwawa is able to gather enough power to summon the portal to the distortion world, the world where his army lingers, ever waiting to wreak havoc upon our dimension, but Emewafwawa has not powerful enough to gather enough energy at one time to keep the portal open for long enough for his army to travel through. So for the time being he stays in our dimension and feeds of the MRE (Musical Rubato Energy) of this world.

However, he needs to keep his army healthy to make sure they are at the top of their physique when/if they manage to cross dimensions. This is why he built the Emewafwawa Contraption Trap. 

This trap would attract gullible students who are looking to excel in their chosen instruments, we might see them as new students but for the Emewafwawa, its new cattle. they would be lead in the former Music office (this is ideal as there are no windows and the only exit is the door), where there will be some seats and a double bass case.

The Emewafwawa will give the student a song to practice infront of him and while they innocently try to play the instruments, the hairs of nearby violin bows will slowly creep up on him/her and then in the blink of an eye, bind them to the chair. after this a guillotine will swing down and take their head with it up into the ceiling tiles where it is stored. The corpse the falls into the double bass case which is actually where the emewafwawa temporarily opens the portal.

The student falls through and Emewafwawa's army is able to gain sustinence for a week by feasting on the flesh of the corpse until the process is repeated.

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