Now you see him...

Emile is a dick who no-one likes. Him and Jorgey share a 'rivalry' which ultimately ends when Jorgey disappears. Realising he actually liked Jorgey, Emile cries his eyes out for the rest of his days. Him and the little guy witness Carter's idiotic 'sacrifice' and then try to help Captain Jacob Keyes escape in the Pillar of Autumn.

Emile mans a giant gun which one-shots anything, leaving the little guy to fend off all the stuff he misses. Which is a lot. And then two zealots attack Emile, how ironic. His death is kinda cool, he shoots one Elite in the head with his beloved shotgun before being stabbed in the back. He still manages to lodge his combat knife in the throat of his killer, however.

Despite his obvious rivalry with Jorgey, it should be noted that in Emile's final moments he dedicates the destruction of a Covenant Phantom to Jorgey. When Jorgey hears of this, nearly fifty years later, he accepts that Emile really did feel the Pain O' Reach.

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