The crazed Albrecht shows off his Empire

his is an Empire set up by a crazy ex-Nazi in a parallel universe incarnation of England in 1945. The man, Albrecht Wolfram, aka 'Big Bad Wolfram', was a crazed German officer who led a patrol of five men into a desolate valley in the middle of nowhere. From here, he set up a base in an abandoned house and severed all contact with the rest of the world. The women in the valley were forced to farm for food and the other soldiers were cut of from their families. First, Albrecht cuts all communications by intercepting the mailman and convincing him that everyone in the valley is dead, meaning that no mail gets in or out. Furthermore, when one lonely beaten up man comes into the valley by mistake and attempts to make friendly conversation, Albrecht shoots him dead. All this is done to ensure that his splendid isolation is kept intact. When one of the women wants to send her daughter away for food, Albrecht makes her swear an oath on pain of death that she will mention nothing about the valley or anyone who lives there. Albrecht himself spends most of his time poring over an old map which he loves. Everyone is scared to go near Albrecht apart from an old woman who confronts him one day. The next day, her horse is killed. Albrecht falls in love with one of the women and prevents his men from looking at her. He plays her music and shows her his map but she is not impressed so he tries to kidnap her and take her away. When one of his men finally decide to rebel and contact the outside world he forces them all to dress up and stand there for ages, then sending them out to die in the snow. Now utterly insane, he goes and hides in a cellar and is eventually captured by the other Germans. He kills five hundred men before being brought down. In the meantime his love goes off into the snow without a coat or food to look for her long lost husband, the old woman is left a gibbering wreck in an attic, and all of the men die in some way (one of which is cruelly left to die by a girl he was trying to save.) Overall, the Empire was a complete failure. It was Doomed from the Start.

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