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Ezio Auditore da Firenze was an italian assassin who lived in renaissance Italy during the 15th century. Ezio was a master assassin and is arguably one the most skilled assassins known to the order, along with Altair. Like Altiar, Ezio was a Mentor of the Italain brotherhood of assassins and brought revolutionised the brotherhood.

One day, after a evening on jumping rooftops and being perverts, Ezio returned to his house to find a letter from his dad to him. it read that the Auditore family had been betrayed and him and both Ezio's brothers were going to be hanged later in the day. This lead Ezio to a secret room where his dads assasin robes lay. he put them on and got to work on freing his family. However, he was too late and they were hanged right before his eyes in front of the public.

This made him hell-bent on revenge and he decided that he would assassinate every single man linked to dad and two brothers murder. There were many targets but the eventual and main target was a quite plump man who went by the name of Rodrigo Borgia. He was part of the papalcy at the time and the Grand master of the Templar Order in Italy. He manged to access the Vatican vault which housed a message for Ezio and Desmond from Minerva. At the end, Ezio chose to spare Rodrigo's life.

Ezio called the Codex pages which were written by Altair which housed many advancements in the Creed plus a hidden map that could only accessed by a special ability called Eagle vision, which both Ezio and Altair had. The map showed the hidden location of other Pieces of Eden.

Later in his life, Ezio chose to search for the library where it is said that Altair kept important artifacts and hid the most valuable secret of all. Ezio went on a quest to retrieve the Masayaf Keys which were also memory seals which showed key moments in Altair's life. When he accessed the library, it turned out it was more a tomb/vault which housed an Apple of Eden and altair's remains, which held a memory seal.Ezio peered into it to find Altair bidding farewell to his son Darim and locking himself in the vault where he died peacefully.

Ezio was a Master Assassin who was extremely skilled at freerunning, stealth and assassination. He could assassinate targets from haybales and from buildings which could be upto 20ft high. He could also perform a leap of faith which was where an assassin would jump from distances which could even reach 50--60ft, into haybales and then walk straight out. Ezio had a wide range of weapons at his disposal, he was practically a walking armoury. These weapons were:

  • Double hidden blades
  • Poison+ poison dart launcher
  • A dagger
  • A sword
  • A crossbow with upto 20 bolts
  • 25 throwing knives
  • Custom bombs
  • A full set of armour was also worn at all times

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