Fart reel

Who Knows...

A devout member of the Maths Mafia, Fart Reel was the only survivor of the fatal stock market crash which occured when leaders of different subjects attacked and destroyed it. Fart Reel loved economics (absolutely adored it) and he wanted the world to embrace this love, so he set up the stock market from where he would send out signals from pylons located in strategic positions around the Stock Castle. This slowly forced people to start adoring money and hoarding it in the masses and people started to love nothing else but economics and BS. No one wanted to be a scientist, or a historian etc. the world was slowly descending into turmoil.

However, some people were able to resist the signals emitted and sought to destroy him and his lair. They wanted people to like other things besides money and BS. Led by Bolazafl, Spein, Noiall and Shirazzle Dazzle, they managed to clone themselves to raise an army, however these were'nt exactly super soldiers. Cloning technology wasn't extremly advanced and only 4/10 clones were free of defects. However, they did not have the time to spend on harvesting the cream of the crop and had to take in the retarded clones as well.

When the army lay siege upon the Stock Market, the defected clones went first but were able to damage the Stock market with their sheer number. Slowly the army reached the grand hall and their began a spectacular showdown. Fart Reel brought out is Ka-Ching 5000 which fired 1983 Mint TWOOOO!! rupee coins at an alarming rate, however the original people who the clones derived from used their clones as cannon fodders and in the end were able to defeat him. The fight was finally over... so it seemed..

What followed became known as the Battle of Stock Castle.

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