Fawful flying on a strange nipple craft


- Fawful

Fawful is a rather odd little... thing... who thinks he is supreme master of everything. He likes beans. He used to be a perfectly regular dude until he went on the Smiler Ride at Alton Towers before they had finished testing...

After his hideous transformation, the being known as Fawful became a small-time criminal who may or may not have had affiliations with Crazi Stan. Fawful's empire grew until he had enough stolen cash to construct a market stall in a sewer, from which he traded beans for badges and buttons.

  • One of Fawful's odd inventions
  • One of Fawful's odd inventions
He later attempted to conquer the world, only to be stopped by 'Super' Mario.

Fawful invents lots of odd devices and talks in a strange manner. One of his catchphrases is 'I HAVE FURY!'. He also has Chortles a lot, and he likes commanding his one and only true minion, Midbus, whilst having chortles.

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