Felucia, seen from ionospheric orbit

Felucia is one of the most hostile worlds in the entire Force Galaxy, maybe even the Universe. It's environment is that of a prehistoric jungle, with huge plants, massive insects and flesh-eating diseases. It's environment is so harsh that few ever go there, in fact it is one of the least visited planets in the entire Force Galaxy. Only the Clone War dared disturb the tranquility of this world, and even it was stung by Felucia's harsh climate.

Visitors to the planet's battlegrounds tell tales of eerie monuments to the Clone War that have been constructed over time. wrecked AT-TEs and Republic Gunships litter the planets largest continent, some preserved almost perfectly by a layer of slime. Clone armour and pieces of Battle Droids can still be found amongst the foliage and fauna of the planet. The remnants of the Battle of Felucia have certainly stood the test of time, and are heralded as relics of a bygone age by the natives.

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