Field Marshal Flat taking a nap

Field Marshal Flat was a Sontaran that was notable in that his head is a little more... deflated... when compared to your average Sontaran. Scientists at the time blamed this on a lack of brain cells, and when the Sontaran military found out about brainless Flat, they immediately promoted him to Field Marshal.

His first campaign was against slugs who had crawled into an old woman's house. She asked the Sontarans to dispose of the Slugs using salt guns. The Twenty-First Sontaran Legion was called in to destroy the slugs, but the entire battlegroup was destroyed by the Slugs in a short conflict, the occurances of which go unspoken as all the combatants died. Flats was found dead by a radiator, it seems the heat melted his plastic suit and his skin peeled off, revealing the lack of a brain inside.

And thus ends the tragic parable of Field Marshal Flat. The morale of the story is: Don't be a Sontaran.

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