Duel for the Golden Crossbow


Battle of the Luna Library

The battle of minas music

War on the Maths Mafia


2013 PLF


Minas Music


Victory for the Triple Entente

  • Minas Music destroyed
  • Maths Mafia betrays Emewafwawa

Triple Entente

Forces of Evil


Shirazzle Dazzle


  • Badfellas
  • Hundreds of animated instruments
  • Conduits


  • Hundreds of Blue Meanies
  • 1 Goodfella


  • Hundreds of animated instruments
  • 3 Badfellas
  • 5 Conduits
The First Battle of Minas Music

The First Battle of Minas Music, usually referred to as just the Battle of Minas Music, was a conflict that occurred in Minas Music in 2013 PLF. The disciples of Emewafwawa began their expansion and other otherworldly forces moved to either aid or combat them.

The Beginnings

Emewafwawa and the rest of the Maths Mafia had begun recruiting mercenaries to strengthen their army. The Badfellas were one of the many forces that joined Emewafwawa and reinforced Minas Music. The Anti-Virus Gang and the Goodfellas decided that Emewafwawa was becoming too dangerous, so they decided to attack him.

The Battle

Initially, the Goodfellas came off worst. They lost one of their members in the first few seconds of the battle and Emewafwawa hadn't even shown his face when they decided that the battle was lost. However, all that changed with the arrival of the Blue Meanies. These Music-hating creatures attacked the Badfellas and overwhelmed them, forcing them to retreat deeper inside Minas Music. The Anti-Music Missile was fired by the Anti-Virus Gang, and Minas Music was crippled by its impact. Emewafwawa, surprised that the Goodfellas and their allies had assembled an army so quickly, began animating his musical instrument soldiers to combat the Meanies.


The Meanies were pushed back by the instruments since they hate music. However, the Goodfellas supplied the Meanies with a brilliant invention to prevent their hatred of Music: earmuffs. Because of this they were able to storm Minas Music and destroy the musical instruments. The Goodfellas were tasked with destroying three MRE pylons that were siphoning MRE from the area and powering Minas Music. Once they had achieved this, the remaining Goodfellas pulled out and watched as Minas Music slowly fell apart.


Despite the fact that Emewafwawa escaped, the battle was a success. Set back by at least 100 years, Emewafwawa had to rebuild Minas Music and recover the documents relating to Erl Koing. His army in tatters, his invasion foiled and his subordinates either having fled or been killed, Emewafwawa had lost. After a swift retribution, the League quickly took over Minas Music, putting its ruins in charge of The Triad (which would soon lead to the Second Battle of Minas Music).

Victorious, the forces of Good returned to their lands in celebration. The Blue Meanies returned to their dimension and the Anti-Virus Gang celebrated the death of the most recent host. However, no-one saw the Demon of the Abyss fly away from the top of the ruins of Minas Music, with a charred copy of Erl Koing clutched in its talons...

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