The bitter war which destroyed civilisations

The First Galactic War, also known as the Great Galactic War and the Galactic War, was a war that occured in 201 BLF, before the league was reformed, and was a contributing factor to its reformation. The War spanned the entire Milky Way Galaxy and was a conflict that occured within the League military itself, namely between the Reapers, Turians and Elites.

The War started when the Reapers began trying to take over more and more of the League armed forces, which the Turians and Elites saw as a threat. The League refused to do anything about this, with some even saying that the Reapers would be better as a combined military than the Elites and Turians combined. Determined to prove them wrong, the Elites and Turians took arms against the Reapers and their fleets tore the League capital world of Inon II apart, as well as  many other League planets.

  • Turian ships patrol space
  • Covenant ships in formation
The War lasted a long time, nearly ten years, and by the end of the War the Covenant had stepped in to aid the Elites in combat. Overcome, the Reapers retreated into the Dark space and thus paved the way for the Reaper war. However, the war was not yet over. Reaper trickery broke down the alliance between the Turians and the Elites and the two sides began to fight each other. Eventually, they ground each other down to bare minimals as the two equally-matched races could not outwit one another. The Turians began entrenching themselves on civilian worlds and many were glassed by the Covenant, however, the Turian armada beat them back. Suprisingly, for the damages caused to their worlds, a civilian army known as the Volunteer Armed Front was set up to push Turian forces out of neutral planets, and their efforts severely damaged the Turian armies as a result. With the Turians in ruin, and the Covenant limping back to Covenant controlled space, the League Armed Forces were shattered. For nearly 200 years the League had to exist without a proper military, leading to the League Civil War, which its reformation thankfully fixed, allowing the Elites, Turians and Reapers back into the League. However, the Elites and Turians have not always seen eye-to-eye since.

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