Five-Fingered Jackie

Five-Fingered Jackie

Five-Fingered Jackie was the twin brother of Three-Fingered Johnny and the inventor of both P.A.U.L. and Robodeves V1. As a younger form, he was assaulted by Robodeves from the future without him knowing, and it was up to P.A.U.L. in a human body (actually the body of his soon-to-be-son) to protect him. In the meantime, he made a cop duo with Robodeves called 'Big and Small'.

In the future, Five-Fingered would go on to create a method of rudimentary Time Travel, which he implanted into Robodeves, and save the Human race from an asteroid that would have hit the planet were it not for his 'Commando-Ray 5000'. It is for this reason that Robodeves took an interest in killing Five-Fingered's younger form when Five-Fingered built him.

Not long after sending P.A.U.L. back in time, Five-Fingered was shot and killed by an unknown gunman. The cycle was complete...

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