Flood galaxy

What the Flood Galaxy might look like

The Flood Galaxy is a Galaxy that exists in The Universe. It is, as its name suggests, home to the Flood, a parasitic life form created by the Precursors from their own bodies and left to roam the Universe, creating their perfect socialist society wherever they went. The Flood Galaxy is actually just a theory, it is assumed that the Flood control many Galaxies, however, Gravemind states that he has consumed an entire Galaxy in his conquest, so we must assume that there is one somewhere.

Evidence of this Galaxy's existence did not actually come about until nearly 5,000 years after the Halo Event, when the Gravemind published a comprehensive poetic work detailing his origins and the origins of the Flood as a whole. Named 'Cartography, Containment and Corpses', the work detailed the exact specifications of the Flood Galaxy in the form of poetry, and was published in the year 7557.

The Galaxy itself was not explored by the League, instead mapped by independent firms who wish to put an end to speculation about the Flood and its nature. The Galaxy has been reported to be filled with life, all of which is in some way related to or a product of the Flood and its influence - but the planets in this Galaxy are not the bleak monotonous Hives that has been witnessed in the Milky Way - as the parasite has had time to evolve and progress due to being alone for so long in the Flood Galaxy, and it has therefore developed ecosystems, flora, fauna and natural cycles such as the water cycle on planets it dominates.

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