Frodo watches as Sam sleeps

Frodo Baggins, son of Drogo Baggins, was a Hobbit and by far one of the most influential people in the Quest of the Ring and its destruction. The quest consisted of taking the One Ring to Mount Doom. That was were it was forged and that is the only places were it can be destroyed. He carried out this quest with the 'close' companianship of Sam. As the One Ring is a very priceless item of fashion, it is no surprise that while being the Ring-bearer, he slowly started to become increasingly camp.

Frodo was just like any other Hobbit of the Shire. he played with his cousins and friends and spent his youth in Brandy Hall. this was all about to change when his parents drowned in the nearby river. after this, Bilbo Baggins adopted him and he lived with him in Bag End and was made its heir. Frodo learned much from his uncle bilbo, like elvish and middle-earth lore.


Frodo and his bitches

When Bilbo left The Shire, the ring was passed down onto Frodo and it is from here that the quest begins. Gandalf visits Frodo to see if it was the One Ring and it turns out, it was. Gandlaf then chose Samwise Gamgees to be his companion to assist him to Rivendell and along the journey they met a ranger who went by the name of Aragorn.

When they reached Rivendell, Elrond held a council where the Fellowship of the Ring was formed and it was their sole duty to ensure the destruction of the Ring. Boromir perished when he was shot three times by an uruk-ai and Gandalf the Grey fell to the Balrog, only to be resurrected as Gandalf the White.

After a long and perilous journey that seperated the Fellowship and led Frodo and Sam into a spider's web, an Orc prison, a field of corn, a swamp of dead bodies, a labyrinth of razor sharp rocks and the barren wastes of Mordor, they finally reached Mount Doom with the help of Gollum, a two-faced ring-obsessed freak rather like Frodo himself.

When they reached the base of Mount Doom, Frodo and Sam had an vision together on how good 'friends' they are and they slowly reached the the entrance to Mount Doom. along the way, Sam gave a great speech which gave Frodo the last bit of energy needed to throw the ring in the volcano.

Frodo's quotes include 'I fight for the Shiiiiire...!' and 'You will have to BEAT me to get the Ring...'.

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