Frosty, the creepy weirdo, in one of the more colourful hallways of Minas Maths

Frosty is a member of the Maths Mafia with an 'icy' personality. Whohohohohoh!

Ok, sorry, no more winter jokes.

After all, this matter is SNOW JOKE! HAHA!

But seriously, ICY why you're so annoyed!

Hem Hem, anyway, he lives in Frosty Towers and commands an army of evil snowmen who can be summoned from water. Odd. The Demon took a liking to Frosty as he is so insane, and had him moved from his snow palace to the city of Minas Maths. Unfortunatly, he had to leave due to the heat.

Although they do say that Minas Maths is SNOW PLACE TO BE!

After that, the demon decided that he couldn't have Frosty as his personal guard, due to his icy nature and the heat of Minas Maths. Ever since then the Demon didn't really like Frosty much, believing him to be a waste of space. He did, however, invent an unusual trap which pleased the Demon enough to spare his life.

Silly snowmen

You think they're gonna give up? SNOW Way!

Guess he was on THIN ICE!

Ahem. Frosty drifted away from the Mafia and was considered an ex-member before its destruction. Following that he took up residence in Frosty Towers, and participated in the First Battle of Frosty Towers during the Stythe Wars. He was killed by Stythe's forces whilst protecting SuperNutty and his friends, and was unable to tell them about the Corhruxes (one of which, the Globe of MacAuley, resided in Frosty Towers). However, he was able to tell them about Rudolf the Red-Nosed Strawberry Shitter, a crazy ex-Mafia member who knew about the Corhruxes.

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