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A long time ago


Less of a long time ago


Force Galaxy


Rebel Alliance/New Republic Victory

  • Galactic Empire brought down
  • Imperial figureheads killed or captured
  • Galactic Republic restored
Major battles

Rebel Alliance

Galactic Empire


The Galactic Civil War was a war between the Galactic Empire, controlled by the Sith, and the Rebel Alliance, effectively controlled and influenced by the Jedi. The arguement started over a dispute between Yoda and The Emperor, when Yoda beat him at chess. Since then the squabble has escalated to engulf an entire Galaxy.

The War ended when the Empire's second giant metal meatball was destroyed, which was silly because they should have realised that giant metal meatballs don't work when the first one was destroyed. The destruction of the second one cost the lives of both Sith Leaders, Sidious, who fell down a manhole, and Darth Vader, who defected to the jedi because his son, Luke Skywalker, needed help fixing his bike.

The Galactic Civil War, although not directly involving the League, is important to its history since it occured in the Galaxy Far Far Away which had not been influenced by the League since the fall of Darth Malak. The Galactic Empire had shunned the League and pretty much everyone had forgotten it even existed, even though Humans had migrated from the Milky Way to the Far Far Away Galaxy under League protection. The fall of the Empire and the Rise of the Rebellion into the New Republic (technically the New New Republic) led to a rekindling of the diplomatic relations between the two Galaxies and their governments.


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