The Galactic Council's Logo. Apparently the blue circle represents the 'sanctuary' that the Council provided for its members, as opposed to the wild space that surrounded it

The Galactic Council were an organisation that split off from the The League of Utter Disaster, Chaos, and Insanity after the League Civil War. It held stewardship over many different planets, including Daaaaaadum, Economyington and Urrrrrrrr. The Galactic Counicil had a strained yet stable relationship with the League, until the Galactic Council-Reachite War.

The Galactic Council was originally formed when several races decided that the League itself was corrupt and weak and they decided to form a Galactic Governing Body of their own. Initially, when the idea was suggested at League meetings, many races said that they would join, however, when the decision was actually made, many pulled out and the total number of races in the Council was far less than anticipated.


A segment of the Council's borrowed fleet.

Nevertheless, the Council existed for some time, and whilst initially being hostile towards the League the relationship between the two organizations improved over time. The Galactic Council fleet was a mass-produced stellar enforcement armada which held control over its segment of the Galaxy and far outclassed the League vessels at the time. However, soon enough the Reachites of New Reach, a very agressive race, began to get annoyed that the League did not own such a fleet. The Reachites began attacking the Council frigates and transports.

The Council declared war on the Reachites which led to the League retaliating, causing a war which dragged on for years. With help from Jorgey's Composer, the League constructed a brand new fleet which shattered the Council's fleet and left it weak and powerless. Reapers and Daleks also helped in reclaiming Council controlled planets. The Council was portrayed as an evil and incompetant organization who had been responsible for the Great Credit Crunch and other such disputes.


Economyington, where the trouble started...

Before this, however, the Council was known to be just and righteous, having broken away from the League to get away from the diplomatic unrest there, so it is ironic that the League itself came to see the Council as a corrupt organization as from their point of view the League had been just as corrupt before its reformation.

The Council had a notable fleet, which pondered the question as to where the ships of that level of awesome came from. It turns out that the ships were 'borrowed' from Humans living in the Trek Galaxy.

Galactic Council Member RacesEdit

(aka League Traitors, unless otherwise specified)

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