Galadriel - ROTK


Galadriel was the co-ruler of Lothlorien along with Lord Celeborn. she is the youngest and only daughter of Finarfin, prince of the Noldor and of Earwen. Galadriel is often referred to as the Lady of the Light, The Lady of Lorien, The Lady of the Wood etc.

Galadriel was by far one of the greatest Elf/Eldar in Middle-earth and outmatched most of the elves in terms of beauty, knowledge and power. Galadriel is also the bearer of one the three elven rings, Nenya. Galadriel is also the tallest of all the elf-women, standing at about 6 feet 4 inches/193 centimeters. All in all, Galadriel has played quite a big role throughout history, especially during the War of the Ring.

She helped the Fellowship of the Ring on their quest by giving them all gifts, some of which were more useful for others. She gave Frodo a glass bottle of water, she gave Sam some rope, she gave Merry and Pippin Letter Openers and she gave Gimli some of her hair. She, along with Celeborn, form the Erlkonigs in the hit band 'Elf King and the Erlkonigs'.

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