Grievous took martial arts classes during his reign as the CIS leader. Or maybe dance classes...

General Grievous was a warlord in charge of the bulk of the CIS forces. He is a cyborg with multiple arms, each one with a different name. You don't need to know the names.


...Or maybe fencing...

General Grievous was deployed during the war between the CIS and the Galactic Republic, during which he killed many Jedi with his awesome Lightsaber skilllzzzzzz...

He was finally put down by Obi-Wan Kenobi after suffering from a very bad cold. Obi-Wan opened up Grievous's chest cavity to find the problem, but accidently set it on fire, killing him. Ironic, really, since Grievous was killed by not only the one Jedi who he wasn't trying to kill at the time but also the only Jedi who wasn't trying to kill him.

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