Pok mon ghost sprite20110725-22047-15bry7z

Ghost is an entity that wanders the universe and space between universes. It has no specific gender and is quite pixelated to the naked eye. It does not come to a victim voluntarily, but when they listen to a piece of music know as Lavender town. The piece is so diabolical that the composer was no longer heard from again. Some say that he took his own life, however some say that he was punished for writing a piece so insane and horrible so was turned into the entity known has Ghost, dommed to wander the universe.

If anyone listens to the piece, they will suffer from servere headaches and hallucinations, after which Ghost will appear, cursing the victim. After the victim is cursed, he/she instantly dies a very painful death, all while hearing Ghosts voice inside their head. No one knows what Ghost sounds like as it only speaks to its victims and there have been no survivors.

Pokemon Blue Red - Lavender Town01:46

Pokemon Blue Red - Lavender Town


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