Gimli With Axe

Gimli is a well-respected dwarf who is part of the Fellowship of the Ring. He is the son of Gloin, who was one od the 13 dwarves who assisted Biblo Baggins and Gandalf reclaim the former dwarf kingdom of Erebor. Gimli is a well-respected warrior in middle-earth during the Great Years and one of the only dwarves to fight alongside the elves in the war againt Sauron at the end of the Third Age. after sauron was defeated, Gimli was given the Glittering Caves, located in Helm's Deep, to rule.

Early life

Gimli is the son of Gloin and the nephew of Oin, who both assisted Bilbo and company. Gimli also is a remote descendent of Durin the Deathless, who was the father of the first house of dwarven people. Gimli was also related to the royal line, but was not an inheritor of the throne. It is also known that Gimli was not allowed to aid his father in his quest to erebor has Thorin and the dwarves found him as too young for the quest.

The Fellowship

When the ring was taken to Rivendell, Gimli and his father Gloin, travelled to Rivendell to gain the advice of Elrond. this meant they were summoned to the Council of Elrond, where Elrond said they would be able to find the answers to their questions. During the council however, Gimli volunteered to assist the Fellowship to Mordor to destroy the One Ring.

Gimli travelled with the Fellowship south, through the Misty Mountains and into Moria, an idea of Gimli. While in Moria, Gimli found the Tomb of Balin, who had entered Moria years before to establish a dwarf colony, but were wiped out by the Balrog. After Gandalf's death, gimli and the Fellowship descended deep into the woods of Lorien where he met Galadriel and the elves. he asked for a strand of Galadriels hair, but was instead given three. after the Fellowship split, Gimli joined Aragorn and Legolas in chasing and finding Merry and Pippin. When Gandalf reunited the Fellowship, they became directly involved with the war. Gimli and company played a critical role in the defeat of Isengard forces, at Helm's Deep. It was here where he was separated from Aragorn and Legolas and was driven into the Glittering caves of which he would later become Lord. Gimli managed to kill one more orc than Leolas which lead to him winning the competition they were having, on who can achieve the highest kill count. Later, he accompanied aragorn and Legolas in recruiting the Army of the Dead. the group then commadeered Corsair's ships and sailed to Mians Tirth. after ensuring victory at the Battle of Pelennor Fields, Gimli accompanied Aragorn, Legolas and the rest of the Gondorian/Rohan armies to the Black gates.

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