The Hut in which the Menace resides. The Hovel was constructed over the ruins of an old town at the mouth of the river Cocker.

The Craziest member of The Five, the Ginger Menace lives atop a huge hill and is isolated from the rest of the world by a faux-mist, an artificial barrier similar in design to another omnibenevolent entity which shall not be named.

There has been no contact between her and the outside world for months, so she has gone utterly insane.

No-one knows her real name, but her aliases in the many short movies she has produced include Fiiyaaaar, Uruk, Shuruk, Orb Woman, Head Victim Seven and many more exciting names. She also owned the demented Lotso Huggin' Bear.

She was also one of just two living things (the other being fellow Five member Marine no.1138 )  to witness the death of Old Bobby Jim, who died in a lifeboat accident, Old Bobby Jim.

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