Giratina slacking off on his throne, surrounded by the skulls of Emewafwawa's underlings.

Giratina is a big creepy Ghost-Dragon and the current ruler of the Distortion World, as well as the long-term rival of Emewafwawa. He is also a God of The Pantheon of The League, the Master of the Space between Dimensions. Both of the rivals control a section of the Distortion World. However Giratina controls significantly more, about 98%. Emewafwawa is constantly forced out of the world, and so this is why he must gather power in order to open the portal. Giratina treats Emewafwawa as an annoyance, constantly banishing him from his world, while being careful not to seriously harm or kill him in the process.

Giratina likes hanging around his alternate dimension and he especially loves flying. Since the gravity in his dimension is twisted, it messes up flying, allowing amazing feats to be performed. Giratina's main source of fame are his performances for the citizens of The League that happen on the rare occasions he leaves the Distortion World. He has different formes for each realm, as seen below.

  • Giratina in his Origin Forme
  • Giratina in his Altered Forme

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