The goodfellas are on top, as always. Clockwise from top left: Triad, Scot, Strongarm, Unknown, Three-Fingered Johnny, Prat, Alien Thing, Host Chatee

The Goodfellas are a group of mercenaries who are in a constant secret war with the Badfellas. Each one has their own special power, and each and every one meets a rather odd end.

They fly around in a ship called the Moderatefella and fight evil. They helped to stop the Maths Mafia by aiding Shirazzle Dazzle in the War on the Maths Mafia, but it saw the destruction of their organization.

The Triad

He is the leader of the Goodfellas, and is a knife specialist. He is very power-hungry and opted for a part-Cyberman conversion to make him more fearful. However, he eventually betrayed his friends and took over Minas Music, starting a massive battle.

The Scot

He followed in the footsteps of Spein and joined the Goodfellas to fight evil. He was responsible for the death of two badfellas, however, his face was hit by a reversal ray and his nose was turned upside down. He later droawned in a rainstorm during the Second Battle of Minas Music.

The Strongarm

He's apparently the 'muscle' of the team but he really isn't. He was turned into a Borg Drone after being capturned by Cybermen, but was later cured. After realising that he was the last of the Goodfellas, he officially dissolved the organisation and deemed all the others to be 'Losers'.

The Unknown

No-one knows what he looked like because he was decapitated in his first campaign against the badfellas.

(Note: all of the characters portrayed in this article are completely fictional and any relation to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and completely unintentional)

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