Moffy tarkin

Grand Moffy T in his casual gear

Grand Moffy 'Barkin' Tarkin was the commander of the First Death Star during the Galactic Civil War. He hated the Rebellion and was on par with Darth Vader in the Imperial Navy. He was one of Palpatine's must trusted allies and was put in charge of the Death Star because of his ruthlessness.

He was killed during the Battle of Yavin when the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star. During the battle, he was given the oppurtunity to evacuate but simply said that he would not abandon the station during his moment of glory, a decision which eventually led to his death.

He was shown to be heartless and ruthless, as shown when he destroyed Alderaan, the homeworld of Princess Leia. He also openly competed against Vader for power, but the two were apparently friends.

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