• A Grunt Minor on the prowl. How cute!
  • A Storm Covenant Grunt, aka Grunty ChiefGo to Grunty Chief
  • A Grunt with his teeth bared
  • A Grunt Ultra, just as weak as any other Grunt
  • Awww, look at the cute little Heretic Grunt!Go to Heretics
  • A Spec-Ops Grunt in action. Awww!
  • A Grunt Major, bright red and sparkly. Like a bullseye.
  • The legendary curlback Grunts are the stuff of legend
Grunts are adorable little things that hail from the planet Balaho.

But they can bite, and the ones with guns take a whole two seconds to kill. Scary, huh?

The Grunts used to work for the Covenant but now they work for Jorgey. They come in a variety of different ranks but the most common are orange, which is Grunt comedian. There are so many comedians in grunt society that they use them as cannon fodder. Maybe its just because their jokes are bad...

Not only that, but they are also seen as stupid by everyone else. Which isn't true to be fair, because in large numbers they can be dangerous. A withered old hag once remembered that an Arbiter was once needed to subdue a Grunt Rebellion, so that means its pretty serious.

Besides, the Covenant need the Grunts. They breathe methane after all, and if it wasn't for them, the Brute farts would have wiped out High Charity long ago. Not only that, but the Grunts provide a great deal of entertainment, I mean, just look at these guys....

Known GruntsEdit

  • Flipyap, brother of Yapflip
  • Yapflip, brother of Flipyap
  • Poonflip, the flippest poon we ever knew
  • Yayap, the hero of the Battle of Installation 04
  • Dadab, who loves Engineers
  • Grunty Chief, the snitch
  • Yo Grunt, the loveable