Grunty Chief

Grunty Chief prepares to attack...

The Grunty Chief is a former member of Da Grunt YOLO Trollerz, and was a notable Grunt because he was Jorgey's Chief of Operations and managed to survive the vast majority Jorgey's Master Plan Campaign.

This Grunt was able to survive by being a complete arse hole. He would always tell on his fellow Grunts and get them killed to save his own neck, and he is responsible for the deaths of dozens of his kind. he also convinced Jorgey to get rid of the Jrunts, because he was jealous of all the attention they were getting.

Grunty Chief has a grating, rasping voice like rusty steel scraping against old concrete. This might be because his ineffective breathing mask only reaches his nose, so his mouth is still exposed to oxygen, thus ruining his lungs and destroying his voice.

Ironically, Grunty Chief met his fate just two days before the conclusion of Jorgey's Master Plan. His fellow Grunts got so sick of him that they severed the power diversions from the engines to the MUSIC SYSTEM, and blamed it on him. In a rage, Jorgey picked up Grunty Chief and snapped his neck.

Grunty Chief's body was presumably disintergrated in the conclusion to Jorgey's Master Plan, since he was killed in the Engine room, which was detatched during the crash of the New Long Night of Solace and burned up in the atmosphere. Many historians have commented on the tragic nature of Grunty Chief, and how he did what he did not necessarily out of fear or even spitefulness, but simply out of a sheer dedication and devotion to his Lord and Master, Jorgey.

Not like Jorgey cares.

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